Catalog Number: 00624

Pizza Pin, Small

PIZZA PIN or spacer for take-away "Small"
Quantity: 1000 pieces in a trasparant plastic bag
The Pizza pin is suitable for pizza boxes of 3 cm in height.

This accessory is designed to create space between the pizza and box cover and successive boxes, keeping all completely intact.
The heat of the pizza creates humidity which tends to bend the cardboard cover on the surface of the pizza, only causing damage to your customers and satisfaction. Using a single Pizzapin this will not happen.

Our Pizzapin or "spacer for pizza" is made of food safe plastic type 2. This is a high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) which also used to make containers for food products such as, milk bottles, water, juice, oil, tubs for margarine, cottage cheese, ice cream etc..

Only available in white!

Height: 3 cm
Ø: 3.3 cm
Color: white

Contents of the envelope is about 1000 pieces

Manufacturer: van Hattem